Once a month a couple of the women from Anonymous Software Company get together and go out to a movie or have dinner together. TweedleFun used to put it together, but a few weeks ago her former mother-in-law died and her funeral was yesterday. On Lady’s Date Night. So TweedleFun asked me to plan it instead. I was going to plan one of the regular things we always do when I found out that a well known male strip show was touring through the area and tickets were less than $30 each. Well hot damn.

So I sent the most awkward, HR dangerous email of my career inviting these ladies to see a bunch of men take their clothes off. I actually had a good response too! More women than normally go showed up! Usually we pull 4 or 5 women into the event and it changes every month who goes, but I got 9 (including me!) screaming as guys pulled their pants off onstage.




And I have pictures to prove it. Too bad that most, if not all, of those men are gay. How many straight guys walk around giving out lap dances and say “you can touch any part of me except my hair”?

Seriously though, I might just frame the pic I got with one of the guys. Gay or not, he is FINE.