Oh, it gets better and better.

First I found a comment on a post that invited me to get a part time, well paid job by registering at a site. After a bit of due diligence and googling, I discovered that this site charges you to register. Sure, I thought to myself, I always pay Anonymous Software Company to work here right before they give me huge bonus checks. In case you missed it, that sentence was dripping with more sarcasm than Pavlov’s dogs drool when that little bell goes off.

So I wrote a post about it and laughed it off. Until today. Today I noticed yet another comment from them on my post, My New Nickname: The Narc.

We would like to know your viewpoint of popular, day-to-day products. Companies are offering you five dollars or more for every customer survey you take. You’ll find 100s of studies that require your feedback. Everyone can participate. So if you have some spare time, and could use a little extra income, please go to http://input.ncsall.org and begin!

Seriously?? All they did was change the URL the teensiest bit by putting “input” where “write” used to be. Wow! Your creativity overwhelms me!

So for anyone who thought to Google this – I think it’s just a scam. Sorry to disappoint, but have a great day, thanks for stopping by, be sure to take a gift bag on your way out and maybe check out my other posts. Later gator!