I’ve been waiting for years for this book to come out. I sped through Jean M. Auel’s previous books in the Earth’s Children series and was overjoyed to see an ad in People for this book. I literally jumped into my car and drove to the nearest bookstore as fast as I could to grab this book.

It was split into three parts – part 1 & 2 were a bit boring, but mostly because my expectations were different than the author’s. I wanted her to explore the social interactions between people and have a lot of embarrassing situations where the heroine eventual triumphs social stigma, like the previous books. Instead, it went into a lot of description about places Ayla journeyed, similar to Plains of Passage (book #4) but less interesting. While I was curious about the places being described, there wasn’t enough interaction going on between the characters. Basically, everyone was happy and there was no drama and what’s a story when everyone is happy?

Part 3 is where the book really took off. All of the staging in parts 1 & 2 finally paid off and I eventually started yelling at characters in the books and squirming in embarrassment for them. Now that’s a good book! Part 3 turned into one of those books you can’t put down even when it means completely skipping the gym. And dinner. It really focused on what she does best – primordial relationship soap opera.

I’m sorry that the saga is over, but the ending was worth it. Overall, worth every penny I spent on it. Adios Ayla!