Remember that scene in Office Space where they introduce the evil copier/printer that eats paper and doesn’t print properly? I think that scene came directly from Anonymous Software Company. We have one printer in particular – the only one remotely near me – that seems to enjoy teasing you with one page and the rest come out crumpled, printed oddly or sometimes it just sits there buzzing and not printing. As soon as you call the printer company, it starts chugging away with renewed enthusiasm.

I’m 99.2% sure that the printer is possessed by a figure of pure evil.

I swear that this thing hates me. It usually acts up for other people occasionally, but for me I’ve never had it work correctly. Not even once. I’ve named the damn thing just so I can curse it personally, rather than calling it a stupid thing. His name? Sherman. I seriously hate Sherman.

Ranter’s Box has this issue spelled out perfectly, it’s almost like she’s met Sherman in person…