Last weekend I had to come into work on Saturday to finish up a report. After an hour, I grew tired of the silence and turned on a free radio. After two hours, I was humming along to the songs while I typed. After three hours, I was singing along like my cubicle was located in my shower or like I was sitting in my car, isolated from the world. Just as I was hitting a high note in Bad Romance, I heard someone behind me.

“Caaaaught in a bad roman-” I screeched, turning around. Standing directly behind me near the side entrance to the building was the Chief Executive Officer of Anonymous Software Company. “<CEO’s name>!” I squeaked as I hastily I turned down my song and he stared at me in shock. I guess he hadn’t thought anyone would be there either. He hurried off to his office and I rushed to finish my report in silence. It only took me another awkward hour before I could escape.

Well, that’s one way of getting executives to notice me…