The BitchyWaiter wrote a post about being half Mexican but not looking like one. OMG, me too!

When I was young, I was always outside so my skin was really tanned but my hair was light brown/blonde. I read a book in elementary school called “The Moorchild” that really spoke to me. It was about a half human, half fairy who is placed with a human family to raise in exchange for their child. She was really out of place with the family and looked odd – with dark skin and bright blonde hair. So for weeks I imagined myself to be a changeling child.

I thought about what kind of life I had with the fairies before I was stuck with my human family – I would have wandered around a forest wearing a skirt made from daisy petals and a leaf tube top. I’d flit from tree to tree playing hide and seek and sipping nectar out of a hollow raspberry goblet. I had the good life. Unfortunately, Little Zoogie2 was actually human, so there were no raspberry goblets, wild animal forest friends or daisy skirts. Damn you reality!