Finals were finished and all that was left was to move out of the dorm into our new apartment. I had agreed to move into the more expensive apartment with La Actress rather than try to find a room on my own. The night before move out day I packed as much stuff as I could and put it by the door. The next morning I was up and ready to go by 6:30am, which is shocking considering I usually couldn’t accomplish that with a direct injection of caffeine into my veins and a fire under my ass. I grabbed my first box and hustled downstairs to my car.

I passed by one girl crying on the phone, her car had some windows smashed in. I shook my head, unable to believe how cruel some people can be. I never understood stealing – usually people who do so aren’t so desperate that they need the iPod you left in your car. Yes, they do it for profit but it’s not like they were stealing bread to feed their families.

I crossed to my car and froze. My front window was smashed in, glass was everywhere. In that first moment, I was in disbelief and then tears welled up in my eyes. Not only would this cost me money, but I had things in my car – my MP3 player, some papers from class that were worthless but had my name on them…did they look in my glove compartment and see my name? Do they know who I am?

My pretty blue car had deep scratch marks in the trunk. I looked around to all of the nearby cars – they all had been broken into. I was the last car in the row. I hastily called the police and checked to see what was missing. My MP3 player was still in my center console, so I knew that they hadn’t done a thorough check of my car. It was impossible to tell if they’d rifled through my glove compartment because I’m a naturally messy individual.

The police officer arrived and examined our cars; he determined that the thieves had started on one car and clean it out, then stored everything on my trunk, including a printer, microwave and skillet. They hadn’t been careful when they moved things, which is where the gashes came from. Most people in that lot had pre-packed their cars the night before, which is like a robber’s playground. So why did I park there? I started berating myself, I never parked in the lot without a light…usually. But it was so much closer to my dorm and I knew it would be easier to move. Now it seemed like a mistake.

Biffle ended up taking me out to breakfast and helping me move. I had to pay a ridiculous amount to have my car fixed and even though the police took someone into custody over the break ins, they were never charged.

To this day I have deep scratches in my trunk from where they stored the printer and other items stolen. At least I still have my MP3 player, and I’ve never left it in my car again.