One of the highest Executives at Anonymous Software Company, ExecutiveA gets away with saying things that would normally bring HR out in droves. He likes to jokingly have conversations with people in a fake Asian accent. Seriously.

After hearing him do this for the 10,000th time, Poww IM’d me.

Poww: i wonder why the asian voice lives on

Zoogie2: because everyone keeps laughing

Poww: nervously

Zoogie2: laughter is laughter…maybe <Asian coworker> could look disapproving next time

Poww: why <Asian coworker>?

Zoogie2: fine, not <Asian coworker>. how about <coworker from Thailand>?

Poww: not following your logic…

Zoogie2: liar

As he pointed out later, I was being racist as well, by assuming that one of our Asian coworkers should be the one to point out how uncomfortable it made everyone. Personally, I think it would have more of an impact if it came from the group he was making fun of, otherwise he may just assume that it’s someone who is overly sensitive.

So which one of us was more politically incorrect – ExecutiveA for doing the fake accent or me for assuming that only an Asian person could get him to stop?