This weekend was all about canceling plans at the last second. Friday was my usual night hanging out with friends and somehow I rolled out of bed in time to meet up for a wiffleball game with my coworkers. I showed up and only Poww, WhiskeyGirl and NBA and his wife “Claire” were there. Everyone else had ditched out. So we set up teams; WhiskeyGirl and I were both wearing red so we called ourselves the Cardinals. NBA and Claire named themselves The Awesome Team. Poww decided that playing the actual game was lame so he became the umpire/pitcher.

It was a pretty typical game except for the fact that NBA kicked our asses. Since he’s so tall even the highest pop fly was easily reached and it’s not like you can hit far with a wiffle ball and plastic hollow bat.

After losing spectacularly (but getting one last run in with a well timed bunt), I headed off for my up all night Are You Afraid of the Dark viewing party. If you’ve never seen this Canadian-early-90’s hit sensation, you should. I used to love this shit!

Unfortunately, everyone canceled because it was midterms (I assume you know when you’re damn tests are). So I spent Saturday night hanging out with Jayy, one of my high school friends. What I learned? She ‘loves meth but not in an addicted way, just in a I-like-to-do-meth-way”. Hmmm mental note to self: get the fuck out of this town. Now I remember why I moved away for college.

On Sunday I tortured Sam the Cat – I took her to a groomer. After 25 minutes of chasing her crazy ass around my apartment and then shoving her into a cardboard carrier to get her to the groomer, she screeched. The. Whole. Car. Ride. I practically shoved her into the arms of the minimum wage groomer, hoping he could clean her. At least she wouldn’t get to bite and scratch me anymore.

When I picked her up, she was silent. The whole car ride home, she was silent. When I let her out of the carrier, she was silent. She hid under the bed right away, not even coming out for food and water. Anytime I stuck my head under there to make sure she was OK, she would turn her back on me. I quickly realized that she was giving me the silent treatment. The silent treatment. From a cat.

She seems less pissed at me today, she even deigned to sleep next to me again. Although she wouldn’t let me touch her pillow and she wouldn’t look at me. I guess I deserve it, but I really don’t give a shit. They used apple shampoo on her, so my mean, grudge holding little cat smells like apples.