When last we heard about Elle, she had moved out of the one bedroom apartment she shared with Boss and Smokey, left her job at the restaurant her family owned to live with and work with her boyfriend. Elle came to visit me last weekend and we had a blast. My goal was to find out what the hell she’d been up to and gather her side of the story, if possible. This will be a dissection in the claims of both Elle and Smokey/Boss.

Elle claims that when Smokey found her packing (Credit: Smokey – Elle was secretly moving out), she and Smokey sat down and talked; according to Elle this talk was tense but they agreed she shouldn’t live there. No anger was shown until Boss got involved. (Credit: Elle – Smokey didn’t seem angry when telling me the story until Boss came home, then the whole tone changed).

Smokey and Boss said that Elle owed two months rent when she moved out and they wanted to sue her for it. Since they didn’t have a renter’s agreement/contract, they don’t have a legal case. Elle says she paid up everything before leaving. I told Elle nothing about what Smokey and Boss told me. So it was was unprompted when she said that she looked over what she owed and the only month she didn’t pay by check was her first month. (Credit: UNKNOWN – did Elle pay cash and Smokey forgot to count that? Did Elle not pay and Smokey was right? We’ll never know). As for the other month of rent due, Smokey says that Elle would pay rent at the end of the month so when she paid at the end of February, it was for that month meaning March rent was missing. Elle claims she paid a few days in advance, so the end of February payment would have covered March (Credit: UNKNOWN – this is why you should include the month you intend to pay for on the comments line).

According to Smokey & Boss, they texted Elle letting her know they were testing the locks since the rental agreement stated that if anyone moved out, they had to replace the locks themselves. Elle says the text stated that the locks had already been changed. Neither party kept the text in question. (Credit: UNKNOWN – maybe it was a misunderstanding on Elle’s part, maybe Boss/Smokey purposefully wrote the text to be vague in order to antagonize Elle. Both seem likely).

Smokey and Boss, pissed that they were being shortchanged started texting Elle asking for the back rent. They said that they didn’t hear back from her and so they kept texting in case their previous text messages had not been received. Elle told me that in one week they sent 423 text messages between them. She said that Smokey would text her on the hour, every hour between the hours of 9am and 7pm. She said it got to the point where if she didn’t receive a text on the hour, she would be concerned that she didn’t have full service wherever she was. (Credit: Elle – I don’t think she made up a randomly specific number and Smokey/Boss looked guilty when they told me about texting her “a lot”).

After the locks and texting, Smokey received Facebook messages from Elle’s stepmom. All she said about the content of these messages was that Elle’s stepmom was telling Boss to stay out of the situation, Elle didn’t owe any money and not to send certified letters to her house since Elle wasn’t living there. According to Elle, she asked her stepmom’s advice about how to handle the situation and she, unprompted, Facebooked Smokey’s mom (who paid 50% of the rent in Smokey’s name) asking her to intercede into the situation, since she was cosigner. She did indeed say that Boss shouldn’t be involved since she wasn’t on the lease, wasn’t part of the agreement between Elle and Smokey and didn’t pay any rent since she was jobless. (Credit: Both – I believe Elle’s stepmom sent those messages but I think that the stepmom would ask before sending. Elle would have agreed to let her do it.)

For the actual move out, Elle said she did take the fridge and she wasn’t proud of it, but that she did it since she had been angry about them moving her things. She said that they packed up her belongings and put them in the living room, then Boss moved into her room. She decided to take the fridge since she would never see any of the money for it, but claims she didn’t leave the stains and damage the Smokey says she did. In this case, both sides had pictures. Elle’s things were clearly moved into the living room and she had pics of Boss’ things set up in her old space. Smokey’s pics show stains and pieces of carpet ripped up, supposedly from moving the fridge (Credit: Both – I know Boss moved Elle’s things out prematurely and I’m guessing that the carpet was Elle’s fault although the stains might have predated this. These are, after all, the same people who have parties with 40+ people attending in a one bedroom apartment. I’ve seen 10-12 people sleeping off their liquor on this floor and puking on it. It was never in pristine condition).

Elle’s final claim was that she and Smokey had been OK with the move, and it hadn’t escalated until Boss got involved, then they talked about suing her (Credit: Both – I think Boss probably pointed out suing Elle, since I doubt Smokey would normally care. I do think that Smokey was more upset and angry than Elle says).

In the end – they’re all still my friends. My only concern is for my birthday bash, coming up this summer. See, I already invited all three of them…this should be interesting!