La Actress and I were ready to move out of the dorms and never go back. We had an unfortunate…attempted murder occur right near our dorm and were not informed by the school’s security (they claimed they didn’t want people to panic so they didn’t send out an emergency alert. I wanted to know if there was a crazy with a gun near my home. We clearly disagreed). We started to look around and I ended up finding a place situated practically on top of our campus. It had two parking spots (Score!), a walk in closet and was fairly large. Better than that, it had the best prices rent-wise out of anywhere we’d found.

But La Actress wasn’t so sure – the counters were a nauseating lime green and the bathroom was small. She wanted to keep looking but I convinced her to at least fill out the application while we kept looking. I assumed we wouldn’t find anywhere up to her exacting specifications that met with my approval. Since I was a business major (and the responsible one), I’d made a quick budget and we weren’t able to allot very much money toward rent. I figured that she wouldn’t be able to stay within budget with the type of apartment she wanted. I was wrong.

Somehow, some way, she found a cute apartment half a mile from campus. It was adorable, bigger and only slightly more expensive than the place I had found. Our number one problem with it? One parking space. The street it was on was close enough to school that a lot of people parked there and walked the half mile, plus the entire street was filled with apartments, many of which only offered one parking spot when two or more people lived there. The only other area to park was to walk two blocks past an eerie Church of Scientology and through a dark, badly lit alleyway into a different neighborhood. Now imagine coming home at 10pm and having to make that trek just because it wasn’t your week with the parking spot. Yea, not good. Here’s my badly drawn map:

I told La Actress that the cost was at the higher end of our budget and if she didn’t plan well she wouldn’t be able to afford the rent and utilities. It wasn’t the better choice. It was farther away, had less parking and was more expensive. Plus, the manager from our first place had just called, letting us know we got the apartment.

“If we can’t live in the better apartment, I’m not moving.” La Actress sputtered.

“That’s ridiculous, the first apartment is better and cheaper.” I pointed out angrily.

“Well, I can move back in with my mom. Without me, where will you live?” She had a point. I had no family nearby and couldn’t afford a studio on my own. I could start looking for rooms to rent, but I had wasted a lot of time looking with La Actress. Plus I preferred the devil I did know (and whose mess I expected) rather than some random person I didn’t know.

I reluctantly gave in and we applied and moved into the better place. After being blackmailed into it, I wasn’t very enthusiastic about the move. The place was nice, but as we came to find out it came with its own problems…