Ok, it’s not my first raise ever, and it’s not even my first raise with Anonymous Software Company – they gave me a raise after I interned with them for two years. I was understandably nervous when my boss requested a formal meeting for this morning, with a meeting room and everything. She started out saying that she had been talking to HR and they were doing an annual review. Oh no, I thought, my ass is getting fired. Then she followed up with, “You’re salary has been reviewed and a raise has been approved.” Whhhaaaat? YAY!

This is my first raise as a “real” employee of the company and my first that was based on a standard %, just like my coworkers. 2%. Sounds small but this means that I might actually meet one of my goals this year – to accumulate some money in my savings account.

I like to think of my savings account as a small animal, like a muskrat that I used to take care of but then college happened. Poor Muskrat was fat and full (and slightly depressed) after it consumed my (small) inheritance from my dad. Then I started to slowly take away all of its sustenance during my college years – a few books here, I was short some rent there, I didn’t get a scholarship…slowly my Muskrat turned into a sad, hungry little guy. He was gaunt and slowly starving. Some days I could hear him whimpering in pain, sure that he was going to die. Now that I’ve been working and trying not to spend as much, the little Muskrat is turning around. I’m proud to say my Muskrat isn’t dying!

This raise will definitely help.