I don’t have many neighbors. Despite the fact that my apartment building is cute, affordable and actually kind of classy, we have more than 50% of the apartments open. Personally, I’ve always thought it was the building manager’s fault for not advertising enough. We have a college nearby with lots of out of state students and the building is one of the only ones in town that allows cats. Those facts alone should be a big draw, and once you add in the affordable rent…well, you should have a wait list for tenants, not empty apartments!

When I moved in, I met Banker the twenty-something sweetheart who lives to my left. He’s a really nice guy who has opened jars for me (I have weak arms and no boyfriend, stop judging me!) and killed a few spiders on the stairwell. He recently announced that he was moving out to start living with his girlfriend. She’s adorable and nice, so I send them my sincerest congratulations although I will miss our conversations in the hall.

The guy who lived to my right was a freak. I moved in and he flashed me twice in my first week there. I would have complained, but he was moving out. He literally left the country, so even though it was super creepy to be flashed (full frontal) by a 50-something old guy twice, I’ve moved on. I prefer to pretend he never existed. The apartment past him is empty as well. Those are the people nearest to me.

Downstairs, directly below me is Sweetie. She’s this sweet old grandmotherly type who smokes three packs a day and often says really inappropriate sexual things. But she’s so nice and loves to give cookies to anyone and everyone, you can’t help but love her. She’s just announced that she’s moving too. She was let go from her job one year before her retirement, so she lost her pension. She and another family from the complex found a house to rent together. I don’t know the other families nearby very well.

A few days ago, I received a letter from the building manager in the mail. He was giving his notice – the property owner replaced him with a new building manager. I can’t say I’m surprised since the owner must be pissed that so many apartments are open (and not making him a profit) but I was surprised by one line in the letter:

The new building manager will notify you at the owner’s direction about any changes to your rental agreement. Uhhh what? You can’t change my rental agreement, it’s a lease. It’s not like I’m month to month. I was a bit concerned about this, but when I called the building manager his voice mail said to contact the owner and the owner never called me back…I hope I don’t have to move or something. It would suck to try to find a place that will take a cat, especially one as mean as Sam the Cat.