Sometimes Dizzy and RT can be terrible. A few days ago, we had a number of employees from around the world come to our location for training. One of them is Fernando, an older man from Latin America with silver at his temples and fire in his eyes. Picture a suave Latino man with a beautiful accent…yep, that’s him. So what if he’s in his late forties (OK, early – mid fifties)? Once a heartbreaker, always a heartbreaker.

Dizzy and RT have known him for years, but he’s too high up on the corporate ladder to notice a former intern, now full employee. Until Dizzy introduced us and said that I was one of her closest friends.

“Well,” he said, his accent thick and dreamy, “then you must be my good friend too!” And he leaned in and kissed both of my cheeks. I’m not a fan of overpowering cologne but his was just the right amount of subtle undertone that made you want to lean into his neck and sniff. He proceeded to kiss Dizzy and RT’s cheeks and then walked off to get lunch. While they both had glazed eyes, my cheeks turned red. How often does an attractive executive kiss your cheeks? Not often, right?!

They spent the rest of lunch teasing me about my blush. I threw some of my salad at them; it wasn’t like I was still hungry anyway!