I started a book club at Anonymous Software Company and this was our first book. We spent the entire lunch hour saying how much we regret making this our first choice. Seriously.

The book follows a few main characters as they attend their last high school reunion and explores the difference in who we think people are and who they really are. The first three chapters had me setting down the book in a mixture of disgust and depression – if I’m nearly 60 and have the kind of loveless marriage that the author describes (for multiple characters!), please just put me out of my misery.

The ending angered me. So much. It was entirely unrealistic and she completely skipped the part where all of the characters realize what they’re doing wrong with their lives and fix themselves. It just goes from bad reunion to perfect ending. Gag me.

We voted unanimously to not recommend this book to anyone. Do yourself a favor and skip this one.

NOTE: I was in no way asked, paid or solicited to write this review. Obviously, considering I just bashed the book.