I sometimes forget why I cut off contact with my little sister, but it’s moments like today where it all comes roaring back to me. Le Brat isn’t my biological sister and E-Shizzle isn’t my biological brother. The only true blood sibling I have is RockStar. E-Shizzle and Le Brat had the same mother and father and their parents divorced before either of them were old enough to ride a bike. RockStar and I have the same parents and after they divorced my mom started dating GD, E-Shizzle and Le Brat’s father. We lived together for almost 8 years, from when we were small kids until we were teens. We were raised as siblings together, so I count us as related no matter what anyone else says.

E-Shizzle had some hard times and part of his recovery involved him cutting off contact with his mom and sister. GD left his life when he was a teen and they rarely speak to each other. I keep in touch with E-Shizzle fairly often, but Le Brat and I have fallen out of contact and I haven’t done anything to reconnect with her. Today, E-Shizzle stopped by to visit and catch up and he mentioned that he heard about Le Brat from their grandmother.

“Oh, yea. How’s Le Brat?” I asked, not too concerned with the answer. Le Brat is the type of person who returns your call when it’s convenient for her or she needs something.

“She’s fine, still a bitch.” The vehemence in E-Shizzle’s voice made me start. Here’s why I’m glad we don’t speak. E-Shizzle’s grandmother emailed her daughter to say she was passing through Hometown and would like to see everyone. Although she received no response, she decided to stop by anyway. She completely forgot to inform E-Shizzle. After calling Le Brat to pick her up at the train station, she found out that the reason she hadn’t received an email back was because Le Brat’s mom was in Europe on vacation. Have I mentioned how great the communication in this family is? Since Le Brat didn’t know that her grandmother would be in town, she had plans but offered to let grandmother stay at the apartment Le Brat shares with her mom until she could come back. Grandmother said yes.

One thing to note – Le Brat and her mom don’t have a lot of money between them, so they rent a converted garage that functions as a small studio with no separate bedroom area – they sleep together in a small loft. If I had to share a loft bed with my mom, I’d probably kill myself or her. I’d insist on sleeping on the couch or switching who got the bed, but I digress. So grandmother hunkered down on the couch to watch TV until Le Brat finished up what she was doing and came back. Six hours later, grandmother heard a car pull up. Rather than confront Le Brat over being abandoned for an entire day, calling her grandson to see what he was doing or even just realizing that she blew into town with no notice, grandmother decided to be passive aggressive and pretended to be asleep on the couch. I wonder where the communication problems in this family started.

Le Brat, seeing that her grandmother was asleep, led her boyfriend over to the loft, climbed up and proceeded to have sex with him. Let me repeat this – Le Brat had sex with her boyfriend in the same room that her grandmother was in only a few feet away. GROSS. Trashy! Worse, grandmother decided to whip out more passive aggressiveness and turned up the TV rather than saying something and Le Brat didn’t even stop despite the fact that she must have known her grandmother was awake. Grandmother cleared out of there at first light the next morning. Yep, she heard (and had a front row view) of her granddaughter screwing a guy and she still stayed the night. She called E-Shizzle the next day after she left town to apologize for not seeing him and to deliver the gossip.

“Well, she’ll do whatever she wants I guess. It’s a shame, but what can you do?” I said slowly, completely disgusted and wondering what happened to the cute little girl I grew up with.

“You remember that guy she used to date, <name redacted>?” E-Shizzle asked, a fervent light in his eyes.

“Yeeeaaaa…” I said slowly, worried about what was coming.

“You heard he’s been charged with murder, right?” Oh shit. Her ex-boyfriend was a gang banger who has been charged with a high profile murder, accused of attacking an innocent man on the street and beating him to death because of his race.

I just can’t imagine associating with her right now, not when she makes such bad life choices.