Sam the Cat continuously surprises me with how odd she is. She hates catnip, doesn’t like cat toys (she prefers to play with hair ties and my keys instead) and will steal blankets off of my bed – off of me! – to make her own nest across the room and if you ask her a question, she will answer with a “meow” covering various inflections which range from aloof to annoyed. But what happened yesterday was beyond strange.

Usually when I get home, I turn on some soothing music and relax or take a short nap. It helps me unwind from being surrounded by gray cubicle walls for 10 hours a day. Usually, Sam will stretch out next to me after a while and take a mini nap. I only lounge around for three or four songs before I get up and start making dinner or run off to the gym, but it’s a nice bonding for us.

Yesterday, I laid down on my side and listened to “Fields of Gold“. Sam stretched out next to me, her feet by my chest and her face close to my knees. She rolled onto her side so that I could start scratching her tummy and then she reached her front paws out and put them on my knee. After a few minutes she looked down at her stomach to where I was petting her, which made me a bit apprehensive; with Sam you never know when she’ll get pissed off at you. Instead, she stared at my hand for a few minutes then looked at her paw resting against my knee. Slowly she started moving her paw so that it brushed against my knee a few times. It occurred to me that it was almost like she was petting me. What the hell? Abruptly she jumped up and stretched, then gave me a look that said she was hungry and went to whine next to her cat dish.

I’m pretty sure that Sam the Cat thinks she’s human…