Some of you might be wondering why I didn’t post up a picture of the Bobble Head of Doom. I was going to, I took a picture and edited it so you couldn’t see any identifying marks from my cube (like my name plate), but then I started to wonder…

What if someone took a picture of the bobble head with Google Goggles? Or used technology like Facebook’s facial recognition and figured out who I was?

You might think that’s an over exaggeration or I smoked some really good stuff and am super paranoid, but think about it! How easy would it be to figure my identity out based on a bobble head with unique marks on his face? Surprisingly easy. Our world is growing smaller and it’s easier than ever to rip away the thin veil of anonymity to reveal the person typing behind the computer.

Right now I can’t risk it. I love this job too much and I love the money I make even more, which is why I started writing completely anonymously in the first place. So I’ll make you a promise. If I ever leave Anonymous Software Company, I’ll post up my picture of the Bobble Head of Doom (trust me, it looks cool). Until then, I’m staying anonymous.