I mentioned that my coworkers had a bit of fun with me while I was busy at training. Post It notes scattered in my cube? Funny. Rearranging my plant and stapler? Hilarious. Bobble Head of Doom hidden behind some of the stuff on my desk? Not very nice.

What is the Bobble Head of Doom you ask? It’s the most frightening item in the world. There was once a nice guy in my department. He was given the bobble head as a white elephant gift and he and Poww decorated it together so it ended up looking like a member of KISS or a drunk kid who fell asleep with his shoes on. Eventually, after much abuse with a sharpie, the head was twisted and got stuck so that it constantly leers to the left. Basically, it’s super creepy looking. It sat on his desk for a few weeks, then the recession hit and he was let go. He knew how much Poww liked this bobble head, so before he packed up his desk and left, he gave it away to grace Poww’s desk. A few weeks later, Poww was let go. He left the poor thing to a woman in HR and not two weeks later she was given a pink slip.

Poww was later rehired back into his old position, and when he returned he found the bobble head on his desk. Convinced that it was evil (perhaps it was manufactured at a plant built on an Indian burial ground or the plastic was made in the fires of hell), he promptly threw it on someone else’s desk. So for the past year, people have been trying to make sure the bobble head doesn’t sit on their desk too long. Just in case.

After a particularly long day of training, I went to work to check my email and get a few things done. I had a box on my desk from earlier, when I decorated Dizzy’s desk for her birthday. After a few hours, I turned to grab my purse and leave. That’s when I saw that creepy face staring at me. Good thing I was at work alone, or everyone would be making fun of me for the scream/squeak I let out when I saw it. I got rid of it right away on SpeedRacer’s desk. I have no idea where it is now, maybe it jumped departments. Just thinking about his cruel smile makes me shiver…