WhiskeyGirl and I were talking by the water cooler (how cliché!) and some Executives stopped to refill their cups. Although she could clearly see that they were nearby and could hear us, she proceeded to do the stupidest thing I have ever witnessed: She said her job was useless.

Let’s jump into the background on this, shall we? I’m grappling with what I want to do with the rest of my life – my future education, what area I want to go into (Non-Profit v. For-Profit), what I want to specialize in…things like that. Since WhiskeyGirl is older than me and seems to know where the hell she’s going on the road of life, I thought I’d run my thoughts by her. It turns out that she plans on entering the Non-Profit field and is planning on going back to school to get her Masters in a program that would appeal to both Non-Profits and For-Profits.

She asked if I had looked into programs that emphasize Non-Profit administration and I told her that I had looked at some, but none are located near Hometown.

“Oh yea, you have to get out of this town and go somewhere with a really good program.” She said knowledgably. “It’s so hard to break into Non-Profits because lots of people want to work for them so they demand a high level of education and usually a lot of practical knowledge.” Here’s where things got sticky and she said something I never would have. “This job,” she said, waving her hand in a circle to encompass the whole building, “is useless to me. How is this building my resume for Non-Profit work?” She asked. I saw an Executive covertly glance over at us. “It’s not. Not at all. I need to get a job where I can build a resume that Non-Profits will look at. Any benefit that I could gain from this job I’ve already gained months ago, now it’s just a waste of time!

“Oh,” I said uncomfortably. I glanced over at the Executives. “Well, I don’t really agree. I’ve recently been accepted as a volunteer in a local Non-Profit to help out with some of their campaigns and when they heard about the experience and training I’ve received at Anonymous Software Company they were really excited. They said someone in <specific field> is just what they were hoping for.”

She shrugged and stated, “That works out well for you, but for me it’s kind of a dead end. I guess in your field, it works but in mine it doesn’t.”

How little do you care about your job or being able to pay your rent that you deliberately say things like that in front of high level managers!?