One thing that I didn’t mention on my St. Paddy’s Day weekend review is running into TG again. I met TG because my bank was located in the grocery store where he works. We had a couple of great conversations and he seemed like a cool guy, so when he asked for my number I gave it to him. And he never called me. A few weeks later I was depositing my pay check and happened to run into him. We said hello and exchanged a few pleasantries and he asked if he could call me. Strike One.

“Yea, I said you could call me when I gave you my number. A few weeks ago.” I said, pointedly emphasizing the fact that he hadn’t called before.

“I’m sorry Elizabeth, I promise I’ll call.” He said, giving me a winsome smile.

My face was deadly blank and eyes cold. “My name isn’t Elizabeth.” Strike Two. My name isn’t anything even vaugely resembling Elizabeth.

Stike Three occured when he pulled out his phone to try to find my name. Seriously? We’ve talked a bunch of times before for the past few months and the fact that you pulled out your phone to try to find my name, rather than laughing it off and making a joke…I’m over it. I successfully avoided him and then moved away. Cut to the party when I was back in Generic College’s town. Unfortunately, I ran out of money and needed gas to get to the party. So I pulled into the parking lot of my old bank and ran in, smack into TG.

“Hey Zoogie2.” He said, pointing out the fact that he could now remember my name. “Did you get my text message? I sent it a few weeks ago.”

“Uhhh,” I stammered, standing in line at the bank and hoping TG would go away. “No, I don’t think I did. But my phone died a few weeks ago, so maybe you sent it before I got my new phone.”

“Oh! Well can I have your number?”

I was putting all of my eggs into one basket, but my hope was that he had deleted my number and was lying. Trust me, it would fit his personality. “You already have it, my number didn’t change. My screen just died.”

An awkward silence descended. Yep, I was right. He couldn’t now ask for my number, because he’d just claimed to have texted me a few weeks prior. Muahaha. At that exact moment, the teller called out for the next person in line. I watched him slink away and I rushed out of the store once I had cash in my hand.

Why am I running into guys not worth my time? Where are the cute, nice guys!?