I saw that I had a comment on a recent post, “WTF happened to Elle?”. I was super excited; I can see that I have people running around my pages but comments are pretty rare. It said:

We really need freelance writers desperately. After looking over your article, We have got to have you on our workforce. We pay $35 TO $50 hourly. Our best writers are pulling in over $91K per year, writing part time. Please swing by and see what we have to offer. http://write.ncsall.org

Hmmm…well I didn’t write an article, it was more of a gossip-fest and I bet if I went back and read it again, I’d find an error or two. I really didn’t want to follow a random link, so I googled them. Up popped another blogger who had received a similar comment and she wanted to know if it was legitimate. In her comments field another blogger said they received the same thing.

Litlits had actually gone to their website to see what it was about. Note that I didn’t go to the website myself…you never know if a site has malware. If what she reports is correct (see a blurb from her blog below), then it’s most definitely a scam.

I am bit scared because I have to sign up with their instant 7 day trial at a very special discount. Actually, their regular price for a 7 day trial was 99 dollars but since they’re offering a special discount, it’s only 4.95 dollars now. And I could use either my credit card or paypal to pay the 4.95 dollars. With the note: that if I am not happy with their site they could pay my money back in a month.

A seven day trial for $99? What the hell are they selling, kidneys? Oh great, they offer two different payment options – credit card or paypal. I’m sure they’ll return your money…after the class action lawsuit. And according to them, they aren’t selling anything. They told me they pay $35 to $50 an hour. What kind of job asks you to pay them to pay you? They don’t. I’ve enabled the comment on my blog so anyone can see it, but I don’t plan on signing up. What a scam.