Sorry this one took a while! Been a bit busy with training.


I met up with my little brother, E-Shizzle and his girlfriend for dinner. I hadn’t seen them for a while and was shocked to see him limping with a cane. Not just any cane, but an old man cane. Turns out he messed up his knee and has no job or health insurance. He was let go of his job when the recession hit and hasn’t been able to get a new one. What good is Obamacare if it doesn’t even help people in situations like that?


I drove to Generic College and partied for St. Patrick’s day with Smokey, Boss and some other friends. Before the party started, we went shopping for alcohol. I figured we’d make a run to BevMo or something like that and when we drove right by the store, I asked where the hell we were going.

“Total Wine. Shit, haven’t you had their wine sampling?” Boss asked, sounding excited.

“Wine sampling? I’m not really a fan of wine…” I began but I was quickly cut off by Smokey.

“Seriously. Seriously. SERIOUSLY. You don’t have to like wine to like free wine.”

“Did you say free?” I asked increduously.

“We always shop here. We come every Saturday to the wine tasting. We are Total Wine junkies!”

Seriously guys, this place looked classier than BevMo and had a free wine tasting in the middle of the store. They featured four wines (I hate red wine, but if it’s free…) and the guy actually gave us one more wine to taste than the allotted four. We walked around slightly buzzed and bought way more alcohol than we needed. It’s good to plan for a rainy day. Suffice to say that I don’t really remember the party, and that ususally means the party was good!


I had some family visiting so I dragged myself back to Hometown and went to a formal dinner at Granny’s. After drinking some wine (hair of the dog and all) I found out that my mom had been on a retreat that weekend and got stuck in the middle of nowhere, scary movie style. She and a bunch of her friends were stranded in the woods in her camper due to flooding. Well, she missed a delicious dinner. Don’t worry, she made it home the next day.

NOTE: I was in no way asked, paid or solicited by Total Wine. They just have an awesome wine tasting (but if they wanted to send me more free wine, I would say yes…as long as it was white wine. I hate red).