Here’s an update about my phone. Last time on Zoogie2: I wasn’t sure if I should re-sign with Verizon despite the fact that they effectively screwed me over and lied to me when I first signed but I also didn’t want to switch to a different carrier because I preferred Verizon’s phone options.

In the end, I did some reasearch and decided to stay with Verizon and got a SmartPhone. Damn, do I love my new Droid!

Here’s what I had before:

Here’s what I have now:

I’m especially happy that I didn’t go with T-Mobile since AT&T is going to buy them (subject to approval means nothing!). I didn’t want to go with AT&T because of their data restrictions and charges – which is total bullshit. They claim it will only affect a few people, but it’s just the first step toward all cell carriers adding more ridiculous charges to increase their profits. Greedy bastards.

Then my job decided they wanted to be in touch with me 24/7 so they issued me a work BlackBerry. Damn you brickbreaker! I love it and it’s so convenient to check my email at red lights.

I went from one crappy phone to two kickass phones in two weeks. I didn’t stick it to the man, but if someone wants to make a new cell company with an awesome phone, I’ll join up. Verizon, you don’t get my loyalty until you start treating your customers better.