Have you ever had someone who seems to have the same basic abilities as you, but they were given amazing opportunities and took them, leaving you behind in the dust? I have one…SpeedRacer. My brother, RockStar, has Amazon’s brother, Wunderkind.

^Rockstar got A’s & B’s, Wunderkind graduated from high school with a 5.0 GPA. (I didn’t even know that was possible until he accomplished it)

^RockStar struggled through our local city college, trying to work and go to school. He received an AA after a few years and eventually dropped out of school to pursue a full time government job. Wunderkind graduated from one of the most prestigious Universities in California with a double major of mathematics and physics in four years.

^During their college years, RockStar struggled to build a band and write songs. After they played at a local nightclub, he found out that Wunderkind had helped to write lyrics for a Grammy winning artist and the government had sent that band to play that song to our troops overseas.

^After college, RockStar was pleased to have a good job with benefits. Wunderkind turned down numerous job offers to go to an African nation and volunteer as a teacher for a year. Worried about having health insurance should something happen to him, his Alma Mater offered to cover his insurance while he taught.

Every time RockStar thought he had a great accomplishment, Wunderkind could top it without intentionally trying to. Worse, Wunderkind is a great person – really nice and thoughtful so that you can’t even dislike him.

I have SpeedRacer, a really nice guy who’s moving ahead in life so much faster than me that I can’t help but be envious.

^We were interns together with different bosses, but from the very beginning he was given autonomy in his work that I wasn’t. My boss wanted to review everything I did and examine every request made of me. I often chafed at this, because I wanted to zip through my work rather than go over every piece before and after I’d completed it. Due to his freedom, he completed more work than me.

^There was talk of promoting me into my coworker’s job after my graduation. SpeedRacer graduated a year before me and they offered him the job first. I set my sights on a job in a different department but within a year he had been promoted again, taking the job I had anticipated applying for. I couldn’t apply at that point because I had not finished college. The first job was given to someone else when I couldn’t apply for that one yet, either.

^After being in his new job only a few months, he was promoted again to a management position. Talk about management fast track – in two years he was promoted three times…during a recession!

^He consulted me a few months ago on buying a townhouse in an extremely expensive neighborhood. The place was very nice, well located and had some amazing amenities (pool, spa, gym, gated community). He’s only twenty-four years old.

^His new car is beautiful. I’m pretty sure I should just drive mine to the dump and be done with it. Half the time my damn engine won’t turn over and my keys don’t always work.

^I haven’t lived at my mom’s house in years, I moved out as soon as I could. I love my apartment and even though it isn’t the best and my furniture looks like I’m still in college I really loved that place. Until I saw SpeedRacer’s new apartment. After his latest promotion, SpeedRacer moved into a gorgeous apartment renting from one of the top managers of Anonymous Software Company. It’s recently been completely renovated and he went out and bought all new (matching) furniture.

Sometimes SpeedRacer seems so put together, so aware of where he’s going and how he’s getting there, I feel like less of a person because I don’t know any of that. Worse than all of this, he’s a really nice person, fun to hang out with and one of my friends.

I know I shouldn’t be jealous – he’s my friend and we all have our own problems…but sometimes I just can’t help myself.