A few years ago I moved closer to Generic College and had to sign up with a different cell phone company, because they had better coverage of that area. I was fairly happy with them – they were more expensive but they also had better reception in that area.

When I signed up and received my phone, the salesperson told me that for $5 a month I could get insurance on my phone which would cover any damage – including water damage, dropping the phone, etc. Knowing me (and my clumsy tendencies), I figured I’d break the phone within a week so I said yes and added it to my bill. Two and a half years later, my phone died. The original phone. Granted, it was an older model when I got it and we’ve been through a lot together. I mourned my sad little phone’s death and then skipped over to the store to get a new one through my insurance.

I explained the situation to the saleswoman, and she said that all I had to do was call a number and the insurance people would ship me a new phone within 24 hours after my payment of a $50 deductible.

Wait. Whaaaat?

I didn’t drop the phone. I didn’t drown the phone in a pool of shallow water. I certainly didn’t drop kick it into a wall (like I’ve fantasized about after a few dropped calls). It just…broke. Two and a half years is a very respectible life for a cell phone! I paid $5 a month for over 30 months…so I paid over $150 in insurance and now they want an additional $50 – I couldn’t sell my phone brand new for $50!

After she explained there was nothing she could do, I ran to my mom’s house so I could call Verizon from her phone (being phone-less sucks!). I wrangled with their customer service, who basically said that if the phone had been in stock they might have been able to give me a replacement, but they don’t even make my phone anymore. Furthermore, that was their policy two plus years ago when I signed up for the insurance — which the salesman never told me. Then she offered an upgrade to a smartphone and for my “patience” she could throw in a free accessory.

Wow, how damn generous. NOT.

Better yet, after telling this story to Amazon she pointed out that the insurance is a rip off and she has a point. If your phone breaks within 12 months and it wasn’t your fault, it’s covered by warranty so you get a new, free phone to replace your broken model. If it’s after a year, your cell company is usually trying to get you to resign with them and is sending upgrade offers anyway, so why get the insurance in the first place? Thanks for telling me now, Amazon!

I need a new phone and Verizon has me so angry, I want to leave them just so they don’t get another cent from me. However, they have great phones – better (in my opinion) than other cell carriers. No, I’m not a fan of the iPhone no matter who provides cell service – I’ve tried it and it just doesn’t work for me. I feel like if I left Verizon, I’d be cutting off my nose to spite my face since I like their phones and call service (if not customer service) better than T-Mobile & AT&T.

So should I stay with Verizon, which has better phone options and better coverage where I live, but whom I now dislike and kind of want to punish by leaving their company…or go to Sprint/AT&T/T-Mobile where they don’t have as good of phones (in my opinion) and certainly don’t have better coverage here, but haven’t pissed me off???