I know it’s really ridiculous to be this excited about winning a book, but I can’t help it. My job type has a very specific online following and there is one particular company that specializes in reviewing programs, offering best practices and advice, and blogging about my sub-specialty. Every few weeks they offer some prize – usually a book, free trial of a new program or small gift (like a mouse pad) if you watch one of their webinars or sign up for one of their events.

You find out who wins by going to their website and reading their blog (I bet on announcement days, their blog numbers are through the roof…). Today I went to check and there it was. My name. I won!! Ok – it’s a book about the sub-specialty and nothing you couldn’t get off of Amazon for a few bucks, but it made my day that I won.

It only took me six months of signing up to win…