On Friday, I had the distinct pleasure of working late, grabbing dinner with TweedleSweet and then running to WhiskeyGirl’s birthday bonfire. We ended up having a blast and playing one really odd game of “Would You Rather” – where you describe two terrible scenarios and challenge everyone to choose which they’d take. We were going with themes (such as “Annoying Situations”, “Grossest Acts Ever”, etc). Mine was “Shame” – so my choices were between a horrible deformity that makes people turn away in horror and small children scream or living in an openly incestuous (immediate family member) relationship and everyone has to know about it. Waaaay too many people chose the incest…

Tire-less & Sober-less
I’ve had my car for about six years – it’s a piece of crap that likes to break down, but I love it. A few years ago, one of my tires blew on the freeway and I had it replaced. Other than that, I’m driving the same tires that came with the (used) car when I got it. A couple of weeks ago, one of my hubcaps broke off (it was the cheap plastic kind) and I was looking at the tire to get the size so I could buy new, better hubcaps.

That’s when I noticed the cracking.

There were small cracks throughout the whole damn tire so my stepdad took a look and said that they were dangerously cracked – about to explode. In true procrastinator Zoogie2 fashion, I waited until I was sure the damn things were going to blow while I was on the freeway, sending me into a death spiral. Or something to that effect. I took it to a tire place and let’s just say the mechanic saw the tires and had some choice words, including “completely deteriorating”, “dangerously thin”, and “virtually no traction” (oh, so that’s why I’ve been hydroplaning when it rains!). I guess all four tires were screwed due to the age of the tires, terrible alignment and bad driving…

After I had those replaced and the alignment fixed, I drove to my College Town and hung out with friends. I felt like the fat kid in elementary school – out of breath trying to keep up with my friends! Was it only a few months ago that this was a routine? Seems like a lot longer than that! We stayed up all night and shared some Tequila Sunrises at sunrise. I really miss college and my friends.

So Sunday I was completely comatose. I drove back to Hometown and fell into bed. Sam the Cat, who had been alone a whole 29 hours, was enthusiastic to see me. I fell face first onto my bed and she spent twenty minutes purring and jumping all over me in delight. If she hadn’t inadvertantly been giving me a back massage I probably would have started throwing my pillow at her.