When I graduated from Generic College and moved back to Hometown for my job, I had a beautiful to-do list posted on my new fridge. It said things like “get internet”, “buy new phone” and “fix car”.

I’ve never crossed a single thing off of that list.

I have no internet at my home and no open networks nearby for me to…ahem…”borrow”. My phone, which is older than Sam the Cat, can’t connect to that new fangled internet thing, all it can do is call, text and take grainy pictures. A few days ago I woke up and the screen had (finally) died, making it impossible to call, text or take craptastic pics. Also – I have no cable, since I was “trying to save money” or something like that when I first moved in, so I never got it.

I never realized how connected we all are to each other every moment of the day until my phone went kaput. I guess I just wanted to see what it was like to live like the Amish (I’ve been known to make my own bread…) and frankly, it sucks.

No man is an island…but a 20-something woman with no phone, internet, cable and a car that usually doesn’t start is indeed an island (or at least living on a deserted island)…