I waited until CM put down his phone. Was he setting up for a gruesome murder and didn’t want anyone to know I was in the car? Or was he protecting himself because I shouldn’t be in the car at all…

“So…who was that?” I asked as casually as I could.

“Oh. Um. Well…that was my wife.” Before I could get my head around that idea, he quickly began to explain. “Davey’s mom…we weren’t good together…we were going to seperate but then she thought she might want to stay together…but I know it’s over, it’s been over for a while.”

Going to seperate? Oh geeze, and here I was worried about being murdered and instead I was an unwitting participant in an adultery!

“Wow, you guys must have been really young when you got married.” An awkward silence decended.

“Well…when you guessed my age you were off a bit.”

My eyes narrowed. I had originally placed him at 23. “How far off?” I bit out.

“I’m not that much older. I’m 30.” Eleven years older than me…

CM pulled up into his driveway. “I’d like to see you again.” He said softly. We got out of the car and he put his arms around me. In an age old rebuff, I turned my head when he swooped in for a kiss and he pecked me on the cheek instead. I gave a stiff smile and hurried into my house to call my brother and regale him with my evening.

A 30 year old man with a kid, a past DUI and a wife…who knew a rebound could go so wrong!? I called my older brother, RockStar and explained everything. To this day I call him “CM” not only because of his initials but because he was my Colassal Mistake.

After spending the next few days avoiding CM’s calls as best I could and spending innumerable hours recounting how many times I could have been raped and murdered, I grew more, not less, horrified with my actions. I always thought I was a well informed, practical person but I had lost complete control of the situation and placed myself in danger. What was I thinking? I grew fearful that somehow my mom would find out. Not only would she be worried and disappointed in me, she’d probably march across the street and kick his ass. Then come home and kick my ass.

CM continued to call and text me and I sucessfully avoided picking up the phone, not sure what to do about the situation. The next weekend, when my mom and stepdad were in front of the house doing yardwork, I stepped outside and started walking to my car. I checked first, but CM’s blinds were closed. My mom paused in her work and started walking with me to my car, updating me on some family news. Suddenly, my phone began to vibrate in my pocket. Somehow, without even looking at the screen I knew who was calling.

“Do you need to answer?” My mom asked, giving me a puzzled look.

“No, I bet it’s Evelyn calling to see where I am. I’m running late.” I muttered, taking a covert look at the little house across the street. Was I hallucinating or did the shutters twitch as if someone was watching my every move…