Sam the Cat learned a new trick recently and it’s really starting to get on my nerves. I usually put food out for her first thing in the morning and then I pick up the left over food and refridgerate it for that evening. I have the worst ant infestation ever, and so leaving food out all day isn’t an option anymore. That’s how I used to feed her, but as the ants got worse I changed her food options. She really doesn’t like the changes. She has around an hour to eat her food – from when I get up until I rush out the door for work. Apparently, she thinks this isn’t enough time and her solution is to wake me up earlier.

How could she complete this amazing feat (waking my lazy ass up early) that no one else in the world has been able to to? By poking me, repeatedly and insistently with her teeny tiny paw.

Although Sam is declawed (by a former owner), you’d be surprised how pointy her feet are. THey are like large, blunt push pins she jabs into me. She’s taken to waking me in a variety of ways – some days she’ll lean over my shoulder and poke my cheek, other days she taps my neck and shoulders, and the worst days are when she’s really hungry and she actually hits me. I’ve never heard of an animal “hitting” a human like this before; she actually holds her paw up and smack my arm or back with it repeatedly. Sam is less than 10 pounds and her paws are tiny and delicate. None of this actually hurts at all, it’s just damn annoying.

I know how to fight back. One well timed roll and I bet she doesn’t try the poking technique any more…