I’m embarking on a new project – to create a bookclub at Anonymous Software Company. It all started a few weeks ago at our monthly Girl’s Date Night. We were drinking at a bar, waiting for everyone to arrive for our movie and a few of us started discussing how much we enjoyed getting together. That evolved into debating how we could find other ways of spending time together.

“I really miss having a purpose. In college, I was expected to read and expand my knowledge but now I feel like I spend my evenings doing unimportant things.” I said heavily.

“I know! It would be so much fun if we had a way to hang out and do something new and interesting.” Exclaimed TweedleSweet. TweedleSweet and TweedleFun are co-workers and best friends who are great to hang out with and always seem to be together no matter what’s going on (work, social gatherings, vacations).

Somehow, that turned into starting a bookclub. TweedleFun already does a lot of things for the Social Committee and TweedleSweet said she would attend but didn’t want to lead anything. I decided that it could be a great challenge. So I talked to a friend, Mystic about co-running it with me. Mystic is so named because her boss will send her ridiculously vague instructions (“email that guy from last month about the place and let him know I’ll be there” is an actual email she received and actually understood) and she somehow makes everything happen. Plus she’s looks like the type to easily fit into life here or be a Princess from times long past.

So right now we’re working on how we want to start this up and how we’re going to run it. We’ll probably have a meeting once a month during lunch since it would be difficult to coordinate a meeting after work. I’ve never been part of a bookclub I’ve only seen satires on TV where no one reads the books and they drink too much wine.

I wonder if the company would care if we brought alcohol to the meetings…