Friday Night Cries

Amazon is a pretty, smart woman…but she’s insanely tall. She’s somewhere around 6’5″ and surprisingly curvy given her enlongated frame. It’s always funny to see us together because we call each other “my fake sister” and while she’s very tall, I’m extremely short at only 5’3″.We were supposed to rent a movie and pig out on pizza, but we were diverted by a Amazon’s bad day – it looks like she’ll be leaving her job because of a mean coworker who likes to degrade and insult Amazon in front of clients. Apparently it’s ruining her reputation and since management isn’t doing anything, she’s started looking for another job.

Even though she’s tall, Amazon has a high pitched little girl voice and she’s the type of person where you’re not surprised that she’s in her late 20’s and has a large teddy bear collection. So her heartbreak over leaving the job she used to love wasn’t unexpected. In the end we did pig out on pizza, but she wasn’t very interested in watching the movie she Netflix’ed. It was The Box, so I wasn’t interested in it either. I’m not really a fan of Cameron Diaz and the movie was – to put it nicely – terrible. At the beginning it felt like the plot could go in a variety of directions, so why they chose the direction they did…I have no idea. Plus, it was often very slow moving and drew out uninteresting parts. We ended up turning off the movie in disgust after the ending and watching some episodes of Criminal Minds.

Saturday Rush

I was excited to go and buy a colander so that I can steam vegetables instead of boiling or sauteeing them. Both of those options cause the veggies to lose some nutrients and something about oily veggies really freaks me out. I like my vegetables crisp and beautiful, not covered in oil and limp (that’s what she said!). Ahem, sorry. I’ve been watching too much of The Office. I headed over to KMart for my colander and discovered that while they had some, they were unpacked and it would take a few hours to get them out of the shipping package. I confirmed that they would be on the floor on Sunday and I left to meet Evelyn for a movie.

We ended up seeing Season of the Witch, which was actually pretty good. Evelyn is half in love with Ron Perlman and I think he’s an awesome actor. The only uncomfortable part was the creepy guy sitting next to me breathing deeply with his eyes held open very wide. For a while I wondered if it hurt to hold his eyes open that wide. When the movie ended Evelyn and I quickly grabbed our stuff and left, since the theater cleared out so quickly we were nervous of being left alone with that guy. Oddly, he never moved even after the lights came on and I alerted an employee to check on him (I’ve heard of absent seizures but never seen one).

Sunday Let Down

Every 6-10 weeks I’ll look around my house, baffled by the piles of crap and overall disorganization that I see. I’ll have one or two full days of cleaning and vow not to let me house look like that ever again…6-10 weeks later it happens again. On Sunday, I started cleaning and go through scrubbing the whole bathroom, changing my sheets and beginning to organize my clothing and closet. I hope after this cleaning is done, I’ll stick to my promise and keep things neat…

I also stopped by my mom’s house for some help from my stepdad. I saw some odd things on my back driver tire and wanted him to look at it. The minute he did he gave me a look of pity and started inspecting all of my tires. Apparently my tires have begun to crack, which means that they need to be replaced with new tires. On top of that, my alignment is off, which caused an increase in the tire damage. I thought I was going to save some money this month…I guess not…