I hate the term “New Year Resolution“. No one ever sticks to them and it’s like planning to fail. I’ve been thinking about what I want to change for the past few months and I’ve decided to implement them starting 1/9/11. Technically I already started on some, but I won’t “officially” start tracking everything until Sunday.

Like 90% of people, I’m focused on weight loss. I don’t think I’ll ever be a size 2, but I’d be happy to shed some of the weight I’ve gained since graduating. I’m excited to start going to the Farmer’s Market again (I used to go, but in college I didn’t have a lot of money and Farmers Markets can be expensive). My official goal is to “Fit into the pants I wore in May 2010 by August 2011“. I think that’s a realistic goal as long as I eat right and exercise.

My second goal concerns financial security. You never know when you might be let go by your job and if something happens I want to have money saved. I keep trying to act more like an adult rather than a college kid and I think most people try to save money once they grow up. Basically I’ll need to save around 23% of my paycheck every month. I started working on some spreadsheets to track my spending and saving and I’ve given myself a deadline of June 1 to have investigated, set up and begun contributing to a 401K. The thought of having a 401K makes me feel 40 years old!