Quick Recap: My roommate from hell had loud sex next to me while I was trying to sleep, denied that it ever happened, flashed my Granny, set me up to take the blame for her idiocy, had sex again when she knew I was there and then damaged personal property.

Things seemed to be getting better. I had a grip on how RFH got her way and was working on ways to deal with her. She was finally respecting me a little. But this tentative peace was not meant to last. In the way of the world, things go missing. You misplace things, friends accidentally take things home that aren’t theirs and you forget that you loaned items out. I had mentioned to my roomies that I couldn’t find my magic markers (hey! they were for a class, don’t judge me) and I asked that if they saw them, to throw them on my bed. Suddenly, RFH was missing everything – her favorite jacket, some food, her cell charger. Instead of considering that she probably loaned out the jacket, ate the food and left the cell charger at her friends place (which is exactly what happened), she decided that we (Smiley, Badonk and I) must be stealing from her.

She questioned me at one point about her missing items and her wording was insulting, implying that I would steal from her. I informed her that I wouldn’t take her things and that if they were missing, she shouldn’t blame me. Because I didn’t let her interrupt me and cut off my response, she switched sides. Suddenly it was RFH and Zoogie2 against the world. Our things (including my markers apparently) were missing and it must be someone else…maybe Badonk and Smiley. Of course, they were the marker/food/cell phone/jacket theives! I told her that I would notice if they had my markers and I was sure that I just misplaced them. I didn’t believe that they took my markers, let alone her stuff.

The rooms in our dorm had flimsy locks on the door – the type where you push down the button if you’re inside the room but no way to lock it if you leave. RFH became convinced that Smiley and Badonk were responsible for her missing items. Her solution? Have a stronger lock installed on our door. Generic college offered a solution for this – if you paid a certain amount. They would come in and install a key-card lock but it was expensive and since I didn’t believe that Badonk and Smiley were to blame, I refused to pay. I told RFH if she wanted to pay for the lock, she could but I didn’t want the lock so I wouldn’t pay. She tried to strong arm me, saying that since I would receive the benefit of the lock, I should pay half. This time I said simply said that I didn’t see any benefit at all and if she had the lock installed I would make it clear to the school that I didn’t agree to it and wouldn’t pay. Then I walked away. Actually, I left the dorm so she couldn’t try to steam roll me again, but it worked!

As I’ve mentioned before, RFH was finally respecting my wish for a sex-free sleeping zone. I told her how uncomfortable it made me and she seemed to accept my request. I had taken it one step forward, asking that no guys sleep over in our room after her BFF’s disasterous stay. One afternoon, she mentioned that one of her “close guy friends” and her were going out that evening and she wanted him to stay over. I told her no, I didn’t want a guy I didn’t know sleeping in our room. I had let her get her way for so long, I was going to say no to anything that made me the least bit uncomfortable. I said that they should sleep in the living room, which is what Smiley did when her boyfriend would spend the night so they wouldn’t disturb Badonk.

The next morning, I woke up and rolled over to discover…that there was a guy in my room. Certainly not one that I had invited!

But where was RFH? GONE.

She left a guy sleeping in her bed alone with me in our room. Now maybe I was parinoid, but every time there was a sexual assault, robbery, etc. on campus or in the dorms the school was required to inform us. Usually they put up fliers with a brief description of what happened, what the perpetrator looked like and how to avoid the situation. So waking up and seeing a stranger sleeping 3 feet away right after a string of sexual assaults in the dorms…it freaked me out. Especially since I had already told her no to having this guy spend the night.

I was furious. She could not have made it more clear that my feelings didn’t matter. If she wanted something to happen and I said no, she would do it anyway. I had talked to the RA assigned to our floor before about what she was doing and they offered mediation but that was about it. This time I called the RA phone line to get the RA on duty, rather than going to the one on my floor. I gave a garbled explanation about everything she had done and now this guy was in my room against my wishes. What can I do?

The RA seemed surprised that my RA hadn’t advised me to all of my options. I had every right to deny access to our room to anyone except RFH. She didn’t have the right to sneak a guy in and this RA advised that I should talk to her and if she did it again, force an RA mediation (my floor RA had made this sound like a waste of time, but this new RA assured me that at the very least they would inform RFH that if she did it again, she could face reprocussions including being forced to leave the dorms). The winning point in my favor was that I paid for the use of the room, he didn’t and that we both had to agree for someone to come over.

I spent the day trying to think of my arguments. In the end, it was much simpler that I thought it would be.

I told her what the RA told me and informed her that if she broke those rules again, I would go to the school and tell them about her weed smoking, bringing guys over against my objections, damaging property and in general her bitchiness.

Would they give her a scholarship then? No.

Would they let her live in the dorms? No.

She could move back to her hick rural town and go work at some pathetic job and live with her mom. I wouldn’t put up with this shit any more. She couldn’t say anything and agreed not to have guys sleep over in our room again. I had finally won! Unfortunately, this reform didn’t last long. She didn’t bring a guy over to our room again while I was there, but she found a new way to torment us…