I’m so tired today. I bought a book on sale a few weeks ago and just finished reading it last night. It’s called Cathedral by the Sea about a surf who takes his son, Arnau, to Barcelona to win their freedom from their abusive feudal lord. They live their lives as virtual slaves to their family and Arnau becomes involved in some bad situations that threaten everything they have. Eventually it covers war, poverty, famine, a plague, the Inquisition…

For the past few nights I’ve stayed up absurdly late hoping that Bernat and Arnau would finally catch a break. No such luck. Every time they get a little bit of good in their lives, bad stuff happens. Not just bad things, but bad things on a grandiose, ridiculously depressing scale. I’ve been to those “midevel ages” carnivals, and they seemed like so much fun – eating meat without utensils, cheerful music and sweet ballads…this book is making the dark ages look…well dark.

I loved the book and would recommend it as a great read!

NOTE: I was in no way paid or solicited to write this post. I just like the book.