Quick Recap: My roommate from hell had loud sex next to me while I was trying to sleep, denied that it ever happened, flashed my Granny, set me up to take the blame for her idiocy and then had sex when she knew I was there again.

I vowed that I wouldn’t take any more of RFH’s crap lying down (insert stereotypical joke about what she takes lying down). I was tired of trying to gloss over her rudeness, clean up her stuff and deal with the guys she “didn’t” have sex with. At this point I was ready to stand up to her and be respected. My family recommended that I move into a new dorm, but not only would that be difficult (I was in the cost effective dorms, the cheapest there were; moving would require me to pay more) but as I wrote to in an email to my friend Kelso, “I was here first. I intend to leave last.” Bravo zoogie2, Braveheart couldn’t have given a more moving speech.

As I’ve mentioned before, RFH owned some lingerie which she so kindly modeled for my Granny. She was constantly putting her outfits on and going to lingerie parties (who knew that there were that many people throwing lingerie parties!?). At one point, RFH asked me to leave the living room so that her and her firends could get ready for one of these parties. I was studying, so I went into our room. A while later, RFH asked me to move to the living room, so that they could all get dressed. Slightly annoying, but at least she was asking. It seemed like an improvement.

They had the lights off in the living room and I decided to watch a movie, rather than study. RFH and her friends ran around getting ready and then they left a while later. That’s when I finally turned on the lights.

Smiley’s mother bought her a nice rug from Target when we moved in, because our dorm carpet was covered in stains and cigarette burns. When I turned on the light I could see that the edge of the carpet was an odd color. It was supposed to be a white, brown and blue striped carpet but one of the blue edges looked odd. I leaned down and got a whiff of something disgusting, then I noticed that the odd color was because I could see through the rug down to our gross carpet!

The actual rug was much cuter, but I guess they don’t make them anymore. Anyways, back to the story…

I looked around and saw that there was a hair straightener sitting on a small side table. RFH and her friends had been straightening their hair and had placed the hot iron directly onto the rug, burning a hole in it! When I pointed it out to Smiley, she was very upset. Not only was it a gift from her mom, but it was the only thing stopping our dorm from looking completely trashy.

The next day, Smiley confronted RFH. Since it wasn’t my rug (and I clearly had enough problems with her), I stayed out of it. That’s when I was really able to see how RFH acted. Anytime Smiley tried to say something, RFH would instantly start talking and not stop until Smiley looked defeated. Her shoulders would slump, her mouth closed and her face fell – then RFH would pause. Is that what I looked like? Is that how she was able to steam roll me?

In the end, RFH said she would pay for the rug, “when she had money”. More importantly, I had learned something very valuable – RFH’s system for getting her way. I wasn’t going to let that happen anymore…