According to my co-workers, I’ve gone over to the dark side. Yes, I joined the Social Committee at Anonymous Software Company.

Dun, dun, duuuuuunnnnn *Ominous music*

I actually joined right before Halloween, so I helped set up and clean up the Halloween party. We’ve started planning our Holiday Party and I’m not so sure I want to stay on this committee anymore…

The leader of the committee is an HR person, Speedy, and party planning and morale are part of her job description, whereas the rest of us are volunteers. Our first meeting was with the event planner and I think I understood two words out of the entire meeting. Speedy spoke about 300 words a minute and jumped from topic to topic. One minute we would be talking about the formal photos and the next we’d be discussing the decor. Except, WAIT! decor was on the Agenda for our next meeting – and then they would jump to music.

After the third meeting like this, where trying to speak resulted in more topic hopping and speed-speaking, one of the other members mentioned to me that it was always like this. Maybe Speedy doesn’t want to lose control of the conversation, maybe she always speaks like that or maybe she’s just territorial, but it’s really annoying. I know that a new person joining can bring in ideas that are both good (fresh and new) and bad (too extreme and not fitting with the current style of the company) but I haven’t actually suggested anything yet. I haven’t had the ability to cut in!

Does anyone else out there have any experience like this? I’d like to help without feeling like I wasted time at these meetings listening to someone ramble on. Honestly, it feels like the rest of the committee are just there because committees can’t be made up of one person!