Quick Recap: My roommate from hell had loud sex next to me while I was trying to sleep, denied that it ever happened and then flashed my Granny.

I quickly grew tired of being in the same room as RFH. Everything she did seemed to annoy me, from not washing dishes to leaving her rotten milk open. I started jogging at night with Badonk and Smiley, but they soon gave up because they were too busy with school to be able to go. Since it was one of the only times I could justify not studying or working and it got me away from RFH, I was more than happy to go as often as possible.

One night, after watching a Harry Potter marathon with Badonk, I went out to the track and did my laps. I prolonged it as much as possible, stretching before and after running. Laying on my back on the bleachers looking up at the stars and in general avoiding the dorm. Finally, the cries from my untouched homework were too much for me and I headed back.

From down the hall I could hear her music. RFH was convinced that she was going to become a star singer/dancer/actor/whatever. She would play the same song over and over singing along to it. It was like being forced to live in a 24-hour Kareoke bar. Without the alcohol to see you through the crappy crooners. I walked inside and dropped onto the couch next to Badonk, who was watching America’s Next Top Model re-runs. I mentioned that I wanted to ask RFH to turn the music down and Badonk replied that she already had.

Suddenly, there was a knock at the door. I could see RFH run from the bathroom into our bedroom and slam the door closed. Instantly, the music turned off. I figured it was one of her “friends” that she owed money to and Badonk left the living room as well, saying she didn’t want to get involved. Greeeeeat. I figured I would lie and say she wasn’t there, then maybe I could watch Tyra in peace.

I opened the door and two Resident Advisors (RAs) stood there. Oh crap. The music had been too loud. I thought it would be fine, since they always give a warning first; that would explain why RFH had run and turned off the music.

“Hi, we’re the RAs on duty and the music is too loud.”

“I’m sorry, my roomma-“

“We’re going to issue you a citation, because this is the second complaint we received tonight. We’ve already asked you to turn your music down.”

“What? Wait, I just got home from jogging, see how sweaty and gross I am? I wasn’t here for the warning and it isn’t my music playing.”

“That’s not our problem. You’re music is too loud. You can appeal this citation, however, we have clear documentation that it is your dorm that was playing the music too loud.”

Before I could say another word, they had shoved the paper in my hand and left. The citation named “Dorm ###” as the perpetrators. Only RFH was listening to the music, Badonk had asked her to turn it down, I was out jogging and Smiley wasn’t even in the city! She had gone home for the weekend.

I rushed back to our room to confront RFH. After pointing out that it was her fault for the citation, she said that she would take responsibility if we set up an appeal. If you received a certain number of citations, or the nature of your citation went against the college’s student code (drugs, theft, violence, etc) you could be kicked out of the dorms and in some cases, the school. So citations were a pretty big deal.

I guess it shouldn’t have surprised me that RFH let me be implicated by answering the door, but it did. I didn’t believe for a second that she would take responsibility and when Smiley found out that she had received a citation while out of town, she was pissed. I thought that RFH had crossed a line, that she couldn’t do anything worse. I was wrong…