Quick Recap: I woke from a dead sleep to the sound of a moan the night before my first college exam. You can find the full story here. Now back to the action (literally)…

I was frozen, unsure of what to do. What was the correct roommate sex etiquette? I would have assumed that it meant not having sex 3 feet from me, but apparently I was wrong. I’m not a very confrontational person, recently that has been something I’m trying to change, but at that moment I couldn’t force any words out of my mouth. I was paralyzed with indecision. Should I say something? If so, what? If not, can I just get up and leave? Where would I sleep if I did leave? Why is she doing this!?

Eventually they “finished” and I decided that I would try to get the courage to confront her in the morning. After all, I needed my rest for my test that was only four hours away. Just as I was relaxing into a comfortable slumber, I was jerked awake by a loud sigh. I had a feeling of instantaneous alertness – I was so wound up I felt like I could pinpoint exactly where they were positioned in the bed and what they were about to do. Again.

This time I’d had enough. I was past the point where I could reasonably get some “beauty” sleep; I had only enough time for a long nap before I needed to be up and getting ready for school. I may hate confrontation, but I hate feeling cranky from lack of sleep more. Without rolling over, I blurted out: “If you don’t shut up and let me get some sleep I will walk to the RA’s (Resident Advisor) dorm and have her kick both of your asses out.” You could cut the tension with a knife.

I waited for a few minutes and decided that they had listened to me. I forced myself to relax and try to go to sleep. I still had time to get some sleep and I really shouldn’t waste…SNORE. DAMMIT!

After a long night of waking up due to this guy’s sleep apnea/snoring/chainsaw breathing, I finally heard my alarm go off. I dragged myself out of bed and gave RFH and her BFF a look of pure hatred. Her classes wouldn’t be until late morning, so she could sleep in for another few hours. I made no effort to be quiet but since all of my stuff was packed in my backpack, ready to go I didn’t end up disturbing them like I’d hoped. I hurried off to class and got there with a few minutes to spare. During the test the only thing keeping me awake was the cramping in my hand from writing so much. Note to Professors: three long essays is a ridiculous midterm! Especially with only an hour to complete the whole thing.

At one point, about half way through the test my eyes started to droop. I was resting my head on my left hand and everything began to blur together. NO! I was going to finish the exam; this isn’t how my first midterm would end. I was…I was…zzzzzzzz. I startled awake and glanced at the clock. It was only a few minutes but it was a few minutes I couldn’t afford. I finished the test at the last minute and turned it in, angry at myself but furious at RFH.

I was breathing fire. Confrontation avoider or not, I was going to give her a piece of my mind. I stormed home ready to tell RFH off…