My weekend was pretty tame, but that suited me. It’s been overcast around here so a relaxing weekend was just what I needed.

Friday – I was stuck at work until 10PM at night due to a malfunction of the program I use. I wasn’t able to fix anything, but I had to wait around to “assist” the person actually fixing it. By “assist” I mean, sat around and stared at the cubicle wall. For hours.

Saturday – Snuggled up with Sam the Cat and watched movies for most of the day. Cleaned the house that afternoon for my Sunday plans. Stayed up ridiculously late watching Big Love.

Sunday – did my laundry, which was a massive project, had a family dinner of delicious lasagne and Whiskey Girl spent the night. She lives an hour from the office and was in Hometown for the weekend. She stayed over and we carpooled to work together this morning.

Overall…pretty boring.