Carrie Bradshaw is a stereotype I live my life to disprove. I’m a curly haired girl and I can tell you right now, some of the hair styles that woman sports are antithesis to having curly hair.




At least not without at least two other people trying to tame the hair and tons of high quality (expensive) products!

She’s obsessed with shoes, and I barely notice that I only have about 4 pairs. Gasp. Today, on this most black of all days, one of those pairs finally bit the dust. Bought the farm. Stick a fork in them, they’re done. (Why are all death clichés reminding me that I haven’t had lunch yet?)

I had the cutest work shoes – shiny black, a fairly large heel, square toed with a cute bit of tweed on top tied off with a small black bow. Seriously adorable and comfortable shoes! Today the heel broke off of one of them and after experimenting with fixing them, I decided to give up. They lived a good life, five years of office work in shoes I paid $20 for from Payless. Not bad at all!

Now I’m consigned to wearing shoes that are a smaller heel, but more uncomfortable. They are a textured tan color with dark brown accents and the cutest dark brown bow by the toes. Unfortunately they feel like I’m teetering on little tiny spikes in order to walk, and it’s really not working for me today. Plus my outfit has no brown, so they really don’t match.

My old shoes (may they rest in peace) were the perfect blend of comfortable wedge and sexy stiletto – perfectly balanced for me to walk in. I’m going to miss those shoes.