So far it’s been a pretty good day. There have been some problems, but none were my fault and better than that, I’m not being blamed for any of them!

As usual I reviewed the sales documents this morning. Mr. C certainly ate his Wheaties today and, as usual, was 100% perfect. One of my coworkers mentioned that Mr. C can be a jerk in real life (I’ve never met the man; like all legends his real personality is ignored by history – and me – in favor of creating a man of perfection). I say anyone who makes my life easier is allowed to be a jerk (to anyone but me) once in a while!

This past weekend was pretty great too…at least I think it was. I don’t really have that many memories of it. I went back to my college town, stayed with friends and partied all weekend. I miss college!

One downside of leaving for the weekend was that I had to find Sam the Cat a sitter. I managed to convince one friend to stay with her, but based on the text I received on Sunday when I was driving home, Sam alienated yet another person.

The text only said “Sam still alive. Not by my choice.” Okay, well what could she have possibility done? I didn’t find out until late last night when I decided to go to bed. I started to lie down and found that I couldn’t, because Sam was on my pillow.

“Silly cat! That’s my pillow,” I murmured, as I gently tried to push her off of it. Usually she takes the opportunity to sashay off to her food dish, but not last night. Last night she hissed at me and started looking at my hand like it was a lollipop and she was ready to find out how many bites takes to get to the center. Her eyes kind of looked like this:

I decided that my hand is worth more than my pillow and moved to the other side of the bed. Yes, that’s right. I got thrown out of bed by a cat.

Pet Peeve of the day:
Calling me on my cell while I’m at work and asking if I’m going to vote for your candidate at the upcoming elections. Well, not anymore I’m not!I won’t lie – I have the voter information but haven’t read anything about it yet. When you work 10-12 hour days, keeping up with politics isn’t exactly high on the priority list. The most I’ve heard is all of the bad things about Meg Whitman. Even introverted, deaf-mute hermits living on the fringes of society have heard about her!

I don’t care who you’re candidate is, calling me five times in one week during working hours is annoying and inappropriate. It makes me look bad at work and doesn’t inspire me to vote for you.