This past weekend was so full that I felt almost comatose on Sunday.

Jerks – I had to stay late at work on Friday night to try and make a button in Photoshop. I googled some demos try give me some ideas about what I wanted and how to make everything and although I followed the instructions carefully…my button looked like crap. So I spend an extra hour at the office for…nothing.

Fun – I got off of work just in time to make it to my Girls Night Out. Really it was just Evelyn and me with a giftcard to an AWESOME steak house. We had appetizers, drinks (I wanted to try one of everything with vodka) and perfectly created steak. I had the New York Strip and garlic mashed potatos. It was like heaven. Just heaven. I vaguely remember a dessert, but by that point walking in a straight line was beyond me and everything seemed so rosy and happy. Afterwards, I went home and crashed.

Jerks – Not only did I have to wake up at 7am after drinking for 3 hours at the restaurant, I got stuck in a “pack” driving to the Harvest Festival. I hate packs -they always happen when a few people space out while driving and end up going the same speed, essentially creating an impossible situation for anyone who wants to pass them. I was stuck behind a real asshole too, he kept speeding up until he was just barely in front of the guy in the slow lane then slowing down until they were neck and neck. This would give me hope that I could slip between them and fully pass this guy only to have it dashed. Finally, the freeway opened up to three lanes and I sped in front of this jerk. I started to slow down, because I didn’t really want to go that fast, I just wanted to pass the guy and I knew there was a police trap up ahead. I got caught in it 3 years ago and received my very first ticket. Of course, they decided to move the trap up, which meant that I sped right into it.

I was already decelerating when I saw the cop and I knew I was soooooo busted. He pulled me over and I look up at his face and freeze. Yes, this police officer was HOT. I should note that I live in a resort town with very little violence, so the police usually come down hard on smaller infractions (J-Walking, speeding, rolling stops) because they aren’t distracted by larger crimes (murder, money laundering). Not to say those things don’t happen, they just don’t happen as often.

So, he tells me he caught me speeding and said “You’re inital speed was 84, second speed was 84, third speed was 78 and then you passed me.” Yea. I was decelerating because I just wanted to pass The Jerk! I said nothing (they hate excuses) and handed over my license, registration and proof of insurance and he asked if my license held my current address. Oh crap. I recently moved and have been working long hours (9-13 hour workdays), so updating my license wasn’t exactly high on my to-do list. I told him so (in a more respectful way) and he started lecturing me about personal responsibility. As the minutes wore on, his hottness meter ran lower and lower…

Finally he actually gave me my ticket and I immediately….sped off. Literally. To keep up with the flow of traffic! The only reason I was pulled over was because I wasn’t following the group. They were all going 75-79 mph. If I had stayed behind The Jerk, I would never have gotten that ticket!

Fun – The Harvest Festival is held in Long Beach and it’s more of a crafts fair than anything to do with an actual harvest. I went through it with my best friend, AKA BIFFLE! We had tons of fun sampling food, looking through jewelery and being goofy. We decided to round out our day by going to the Aquarium since it was really close. I’ve been to a few aquariums – last summer I went to one in Philly – but this one sucked*! It had some nice exhibits and some cools Sea Lions, but no penguins and the interactive Larikeet exhibit was closed. It was fun to see shark fetuses in their egg sacks, but I wish there had been more to do. And only one turtle? ONE? Seriously guys, invest in a turtle display.

Jerks – On the way home I passed by three cops checking speeds by radar. I was going the same speed as before, the only difference was I was in the middle of some packs, rather than all alone. And none of us got pulled over.

Fun – Usually shopping for groceries isn’t considered “fun”, but there was one guy at the store, a little old man who was creeping his way forward through the aisles, who cracked me up. Anytime someone would rush by him, he would mutter “vroooom!” just loud enough for them to hear. It was really funny in person.

I spent most of Sunday doing some chores around my house and watching House Season 2. Love it!

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