One of my jobs is to format some of our sales documents for the executives. One particular executive likes everything formatted a certain way and the sales team seem to have a mental block against actually getting it right. It isn’t that difficult, it’s just putting the file name and submission document into the correct format.

But only one person consistently gets it right. Mr. C. My hero.

Here’s a badly drawn picture of him.

Every single sales document from Mr. C is pristine and perfect. I barely give it a glance before it gets my verification time stamp and goes to the funnel and directly into the final report. I have to review quite a few of these every day and I often end up muttering to myself about Mr. C’s greatness and how the other sales people can’t seem to measure up.

I’ve been known to coo:“Mr. C, I think I might love you”.

“Sigh, only you can format the presentation date so perfectly.”

I’ve also uttered cutting remarks about incorrectly formatted files:

“Nice try, but you’re no Mr. C.”

“Four files and not a single one right. Mr. C would never send me anything like this.”

I’m beginning to worry that other people can hear me murmur in my cubicle. That would be embarrassing, and something Mr. C would never be caught doing!