The vet poked, prodded and pissed Sam off to no end. But it looks like she threw everything up and as long as she doesn’t have any more problems, she should be fine.

When I first explained the situation to the vet, we’ll call him “Cold Hands” (he had oddly cold hands!), he started talking about prices. If the physical exam was inconclusive, he would need to give her a contrast dye and multiple X-Rays to find out where the blockage was.

$95 for the contrast dye
$65 for EACH X-ray, and he guessed it would take around 5-7 X-rays
$75-130 for blood tests
$2,000 for the surgery. MINIMUM

I was looking at Sam wondering if I could afford her. Hell at that point I was willing to stick my fingers down her throat to make her throw the rest of it up! But the vet said she seemed ok and that I needed to “cat proof” my house better.

I thought I had! Who would have guessed she would eat a blanket? I even brought the blanket in and he seemed surprised that she had eaten it. So I’m supposed to hope I’ve removed all of the odd, inedible items that she probably won’t eat, but might?

He said I should “treat her like a child”. Hell, I don’t think a kid would eat a blanket! So basically he said to go through my house and remove items that I don’t think she’ll eat, but might. Ummm so I should remove my…headboard? Stereo? Curtains? Makeup?

At the very least, all yarn and blankets made out of yarn are OUT.