Yesterday sucked worse than a $10 vaccuum.

My people-hating cat, Sam, is sick. I had some friends sleep over on Saturday night, so it didn’t worry me that Sam wasn’t eating much (since her cat food is in the living room, where my friends were sleeping. Then Sunday evening I heard a sad yowl coming from my bedroom; I rushed in just in time to watch her vomit all over my rug. She actually threw up straight bile, which smells DISGUSTING. I was gagging while scrubbing the floor and poor Sam looked like a whipped puppy (she’s been hit by former owners for playing with toys, imagine her fear at making a mess!). I hoped that she wouldn’t throw up again and tried to reassure her that I wasn’t angry.

Why is it that when animals or children get sick, that’s when they want to cuddle?

All night she threw up, so I wasn’t sleeping much. I kept getting up to clean up because the smell was so atrocious I couldn’t sleep, plus I was on edge worried that she would puke on me while I was sleeping. I noticed while I was cleaning that there were these little black things in her vomit, but I couldn’t figure out what they were. Until I lifted up my crocheted blanket and saw holes in the black parts. She ate my blanket.

I never claimed that Sam was smart, after all this is the cat that rolled off my bed while we were playing. More than once. But eating a blanket? That’s dumb, even for her. Worse, the blanket meant a lot to me. My step-grandmother crocheted it when I “joined the family” and she died a few months ago unexpectedly.

It didn’t seem like too much yarn was missing, but clearly it was making Sam really sick. I called the minute the vet opened, but the first appointment they could fit me in for isn’t until today.

Did I ever mention that my cat hates people? She likes me in a limited “you feed me so I allow you to occasionally pet me” kinda way, but she HATES:
1) People
2) Being held
3) Cars
4) Cat Carriers

So going to the vet is going to be pure hell for both of us. I can’t even get a collar on her because it would require me to put both hands around her (which she doesn’t like). She’s an indoor cat (declawed by a former owner) so I let the collar-issue go. But getting her to the vet today is going to be terrible!

She seemed fine last night – eating, stopped vomiting, etc. I’m still taking her to the vet, just in case.

Dumb cat!