I hate when people ask what you do and then respond with, “Oh, I could never work in an office.” Well. Thanks for that input.

Chances are these people will work in an office someday. It isn’t as bad as people think. Sometimes I wonder if I’m channeling “Office Space”, but my office is more like “The Office”. At least in my department. We make lewd jokes that the Human Resources Rep laughs at, hold contests and force the losers of these competitions to wear embarrassing clothing and in general try to have fun. Occasionally, we’ve been known to work 😉

But today’s project (apart from a bunch of reports and long-term low priority projects) is to reformat a bunch of Word documents. I did more interesting and important work when I was an intern! “They” (the omniscient management team) decided that all Word documents need to be customized with a new template. Really all they did was add a standard footer and then apply it to all of our documents. Except something went wrong and the footer moved all of the images and graphs and the text is no longer “standardized”. So a small team of us get to spend the rest of the week (and next week too if we’re lucky) reformatting documents. I got stuck with the training guides (as if anyone ever reads those!).

Just another exciting day in my life.